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Our glasses are made in Spain by an artisan factory with over 50 years of history. Developed by our team of designers taking into account our philosophy and values and current trends.

The material used to make our glasses, Mazzucchelli acetate, comes directly from Italy to our factory. It is a natural acetate derived from cotton. This makes the glasses lightweight, comfortable, and durable while also being completely natural.


All of our sunglasses are made in Europe, complying with the highest international safety standards for UV rays, and providing 100% UV protection. In addition, they have the highest optical precision and resistance according to ISO 12312-1:2013 and FDA 21 CFR 801.401 regulations. All of our lenses are category C, the highest filter category for daily use.

All of our prescription lenses are manufactured and developed by the best ophthalmic laboratories and are a leading brand in lens development. Our prescription lenses include: Hardening treatment to prevent scratches UV treatment to protect against solar radiation Anti-reflective treatment We recommend different types of lenses based on the index for each type of prescription. The higher the index, the thinner the lens: Index 1.5 for prescriptions between 0.25 and 1.5 diopters Index 1.6 for prescriptions between 1.75 and 3.0 diopters Index 1.67 for prescriptions between 3.25 and 4.5 diopters Index 1.74 for prescriptions above 4.5 diopters The maximum astigmatism allowed to order prescription glasses is 2 diopters.

Yes, the lens colour in sunglasses can be chosen from these three colours: Brown Bottle Green Bluish-Gray If you want sunglasses with any of these colours, but made in gradient, the special manufacturing lens supplement will be 30 euros.

Our sunglasses have the best quality sun lenses, with the highest protection against UV radiation. Our philosophy as optometrists and vision experts is not to include polarized treatment in our sun lenses, as we believe that this treatment is only beneficial in specific moments and that the rest of the time it does not add value, and can even impede vision by preventing correct visibility on electronic devices.

Yes. If you spend many hours in front of electronic devices, we recommend that you choose the blue light filter treatment as an anti-reflective treatment. This treatment blocks the entry of the light emitted by electronic devices into the visual system, allowing greater visual comfort. This treatment has an additional cost of 20 Euros.

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