Progressive glasses offer the ideal solution for those who face difficulties with close vision, such as reading a book, using a mobile phone or working on a computer.
They are advisable above all to avoid having to deal with the uncomfortable "removal" as the vision varies from far to near, since they correct us at all distances simultaneously.
This way, when we are at work, we can wear them and enjoy a comfortable view both on the computer screen and the presentation that is further away, as well as on the mobile phone or nearby documents.
The fact that they are progressive does not mean that we have to use them all the time, but that we can take advantage of them at specific times when we need clear and sharp vision. For example, in a restaurant to read the menu and see the diner in front of you, at home to watch television and work on the computer, or while driving to have a clear view of the signs on the road and the car's instrument panel. .
Progressive lenses have seen significant advances in technology, which has improved the fit and user experience. Thanks to these advances, the transition between different areas of vision is smoother and more natural, allowing for a faster and more comfortable adaptation for the user.
Additionally, lens designs and materials have also improved, contributing to greater visual clarity and reduced optical aberrations. In short, advanced technology in progressive lenses offers a more efficient and comfortable viewing experience, with a virtually immediate fit for most people.