by ANGEL BALLESTEROS on Mar 22, 2022

  • People with light eyes are more bothered by light.

    True, they have less melanin in them and it bothers them more than a person with dark eyes.

  • With the use of glasses, the diopters can increase.

    Myth, the use of glasses is independent of the growth of diopters. What happens is that your eyes get used to seeing clearly.

  • The contact lens can become trapped behind the eyeball.

    Myth, Thanks to the eye muscles you could never go backwards.

  • Some headaches can be avoided thanks to the use of a good optical correction.

    True, since in this way we are not straining our eyes.

  • Are daily contact lenses for single use or can you extend them up to a total of 24 hours?

    Single use only. They cannot be saved from one day to the next.

  • Color blindness occurs mostly in men.

    True, 1 in 12 men is color blind.

  • Type II diabetes can be detected through the eyes.

    True, since the rest of the body is asymptomatic.

  • How many times do we blink per minute?

    17 times per minute.

  • An eye suffering from dry eyes is a watery eye.

    True, it is an immune system response to protect us from the lack of tear production.

  • We can bathe or swim with contact lenses.

    Myth, apart from being able to lose them, dangerous bacteria for the eye can adhere to them.

  • There is the color of black eyes.

    Myth, there is no 100% black iris, it will be a very dark brown.

  • Only 4% of the world population has green eyes.


  • A two-month-old child only has 5% vision.

    True, as they grow, visual acuity increases.

  • Are men or women more myopic?

    The percentage of myopic women is higher than that of men.

  • Without counting the hours we sleep, the eyes remain closed 10% of the time.


  • There are people who have an eye of each color.

    Yes, it's called heterochromia.

  • The intensity of eye color depends on the amount of melanin accumulated in them.

    TRUE. Melanin is responsible for the intensity of the color of the iris