by ANGEL BALLESTEROS on Jan 18, 2021

Embarazo y visión

During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur, which can cause temporary blurred vision in some women or difficulty in changing focus for different distances.

But… What is the blurred vision due to and how long can it last?

Blurred vision can be caused by hormonal changes that cause an increase in fluid retention or a decrease in tear production, thus altering the optimal conditions for clear vision, and irritation and redness may also appear in both eyes.

Having dry eye can make the use of contact lenses during this phase more annoying, it is best to increase the use of glasses and always keep the eyes well hydrated with artificial tears.

Normally, this condition of dry eyes and consequently blurred vision, can disappear after giving birth.

However, in some myopic women, the graduation in this gestation period rises between half and one diopter.

In some women this increase in graduation remains after delivery and in other cases the graduation returns to its initial state.

There may also be changes in the visual system if gestational diabetes, anemia, migraines, low blood pressure, dehydration, etc. are suffered during pregnancy.

For this reason, a check-up during pregnancy and a post-delivery check-up is advisable to see the development of changes in vision and what the final state of the visual system is like, thus assessing a possible change in it.

Advising, according to the result of the visual examination, the best solution for the result obtained.