by ANGEL BALLESTEROS on Oct 08, 2021


We tend to associate reading problems with older people, when the reality is that these problems can arise at any stage of our lives.

There are people who have poor distance vision and, on the other hand, can read the package insert for a medicine perfectly without the help of glasses.

Other people who see very well from a distance and have difficulties to be able to read up close or see their mobile.

Although it is true, from the age of approximately forty, the possibility of having near problems increases. It is called presbyopia, a physiological phenomenon that affects all people.

But presbyopia or tired eyesight are not the only close-up problems that we can have throughout our lives, since our daily habits and our professional activities affect sight as well as the physiological development of each one.

For this reason, younger people may have blurred near vision and the causes may be various.

Regardless of age, whenever there are difficulties both far away and when reading or even using the computer, it is always recommended to detect the problem as soon as possible and provide a solution.

Since this way we can carry out our activities comfortably, without straining our eyes and we will avoid eye fatigue and even headaches.

With any discomfort or sign of poor vision, have your vision checked, we will be happy not only to detect the cause of this poor vision, but also to advise you on the best solution.