by ANGEL BALLESTEROS on Mar 05, 2020

Lentes de Contacto

Today, there are multiple contact lens designs and materials that meet all our expectations:

  • Single use (daily), biweekly, monthly, etc.
  • Contact lenses that cover astigmatism and cover any prescription.
  • Multifocal (correct presbyopia, eyestrain).
  • Contact lenses that slow down the advance of myopia.
  • Therapeutic.
  • Contact lenses with "blue filter", absorbing harmful light from digital screens.

We may have situations that arise throughout the week, such as…

  • A dinner and you want to give a change to your image.
  • Doing sports and needing to see just as clearly as with glasses without worrying about movement.
  • Give a new touch of color to your eye.
  • Stop the increase of myopia.
  • Starting with presbyopia and needing multifocal contact lenses to see well from far, near and in between.

Because there are situations in which you would change your glasses for contact lenses...

try them,

We guarantee full satisfaction.