by ANGEL BALLESTEROS on Oct 09, 2020

Salto al progresivo

One of the big questions for people starting out with presbyopia is when they should start wearing a progressive lens and if they will adapt to it.

First you have to know that presbyopia is a physiological condition that every human being experiences in a certain age range, beginning between forty and forty-five years, failing to focus on nearby objects with the sharpness that we had up to that moment. Thus, additional help is needed to bring them back into focus.

Presbyopia not only affects near vision but also intermediate vision, being today one of the most important since it is the working distance with a computer.

With progressive lenses, what we achieve is an optimal graduation for all distances, since we cover distance vision, intermediate vision, and near vision without harming ourselves, without straining our eyes, since in this way we have the visual system relaxed and perfectly corrected.

In addition, we must highlight the comfort of always seeing well, without having to remove our glasses to focus on different distances.

Today there are different ranges of progressives that adapt to our lifestyle, enhancing the distance at which we use it the most throughout the day.

Do not hesitate to ask us which one is the best for you.